Welcome to The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Postgraduate Institute of Indigenous Medicine’s internal quality assurance cell works to ensure the quality of  academic programs and other PGIIM-related activities. The Director, Coordinator, and committee members meet once a month to discuss and make decisions on what needs to be done to improve quality at the appropriate time. IQAC officially began operations in January 2023 at PGIIM, and monthly progress is reported to the University of Colombo’s CQA.


Composition of the IQAC


Director/PGIIM                       – Prof. Chrishantha Abeysena

Coordinator/IQAC                   – Dr.(Mrs). B.Uthayanan

Chairperson of the CDEC        – Prof. K.P.P. Peiris

Kaumarabhrithya Specialty    – Dr. I.A.M. Leena

Prasutitantra Specialty           – Dr. Y.A.U.D. Karunarathne

Shalyatantra Specialty            – Dr. B.M.S. Amarajeewa

Swasthavritta Specialty           – Dr. W.M.S.S.K. Kulatunga

Shalakyatantra Specialty        – Dr. K.K.V.S. Peshala

Maruthuvam Specialty           – Dr. B.Uthayanan

Gunapadam Specialty             – Dr. V. Sathiyaseelan

Senior Assistant Registrar     – Ms. W.N.P.M.N.N. Karunarathna

Assistant Librarian                  – Mr. Ruchira Gunarathna

Management Assistant           – Ms. V. Sinduja (On Invitation)