MD in Ayurveda Kaumarabrithya and Board Certification

Ayurveda, a science of healthy, happy and long life is divided into ten specialties. Kaumarabhrithya or Ayurvedic Paediatrics is one among these specialties. The Ayurvedic Paediatrics deals with holistic health care of children, to have better progeny and healthy society. It focuses on all the aspect of nursing and healthy upbringing of neonates, infants and children. Irrational use of modern chemical drugs, unhealthy food habits, increasing life style oriented diseases, working parents are the main challenges we are facing today. All these need an urgent intervention with holistic child health care system and Ayurvedic Paediatrics seems to be the best answer for these problems.
The MD (Ayu) (Kaumara) is offered to impart pertinent knowledge and skills on Kaumarabhrithya and to build up professional attitude and confidence required to produce an efficient Kaumarabhrithya Specialist. There by it will be given an opportunity to apply these knowledge and skills in a real world perspective.