Duties and Responsibilities of the IQAC members

  1. To promote quality enhancement activities within the Institute liaising with Curriculum Development and Evaluation Committee (CDEC) and Specialty Boards
  2. To conduct internal reviews in the Institution
  3. To liaise with the CQA of the University of Colombo in facilitating the conduct of Institutional Review and Programme Review in the Institute
  4. To prepare documents necessary for Institutional and Programme Reviews
  5. To facilitate implementation of follow-up actions recommended in Institution/ programme review reports and monitor progress in their implementation
  6. To liaise with IQAC in other Faculties/ Institutes/ Campus within the University of Colombo, to share good practices and enhance the quality of Higher Education in Sri Lanka
  7. To collate and analyze Institutional QA data and make necessary inputs to the strategic and action plans of the Institute.
  8. Co-ordinate all QA related activities within the Institution
  9. Monitor and guide program level QA activities