MD in Unani Illmul Advia and Board Certification

The Vision of the PGIIM is to be a centre of excellence in the field of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha in the delivery of relevant knowledge, clinical skills, attitudes and research in Sri Lanka and beyond at its best. This prospectus outlines the complete programme required for training and assessments for the MD in Unani in Moalijat degree with Board Certification (Unani General Moalijat). These activities come under the academic supervision of the Specialty Board of Moalijat (SpB) and Board of Study in Unani (BOS) of the Postgraduate Institute of Indigenous Moalijat (PGIIM). The contents outlined in this prospectus describe details of the programme and the formal assessments leading to the degree in MD in Unani in Moalijat. Over the course of the training programme, all trainees must carry out variety of activities, assessments and programme requirements in consultation with their supervisors. Satisfactory completion of these requirements is a pre-requisite for Board Certification. The award of the MD (Unani)(Med) Degree and Board Certification stands at Level 12 in the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) of the Ministry of Higher Education, published in 2012 by the University Grants Commission and updated in 2015. The Prospectus and curriculum has been designed in accordance with the recommendations described in the SLQF manual. Postgraduate students following graduation will be eligible to practice at the grade of a specialist in Moalijat at Hospitals of the Ministry of Indigenous Moalijat or Non-state sector or as Senior Academics in Higher Education Institutes of Ministry of Higher Education.